Peapod Online Grocery Delivery Reviews


More and more people are taking advantage of what the Peapod grocery delivery service has to offer based on positive Peapod grocery delivery reviews online. This service can make all the difference in the world for the people who have mobility problems and who have a difficult time going to the grocery store themselves. Very busy people and people who do not have their own reliable transportation can similarly benefit from Peapod, which is a sentiment that people will see reflected in many Peapod reviews. Here, people can learn all about the cost of Peapod grocery delivery services, Peapod delivery locations, and Peapod delivery coupons.

How Much is Peapod?

All delivery services are going to charge a fee in order to cover the costs of making the delivery. People are going to have to pay for the groceries that they purchased on the Peapod website, and they are going to have to pay the delivery fees associated with those groceries if Peapod does deliver to them. The groceries available on the Peapod website are generally going to be more expensive than what people would pay at a grocery store near me. The delivery fee also decreases in proportion to the amount of groceries that a person purchases.

People who spend between sixty and seventy-five dollars on a Peapod order will pay a delivery fee of nearly ten dollars. Anyone who has a grocery order of more than one hundred dollars will only get a delivery fee of seven dollars. The labor is the same whether people are buying lots of groceries or small quantities of groceries, and the service has to compensate for the people who aren’t spending much but who still want the same delivery. Still, the difference between one fee and another is small enough that people should not buy more groceries on that basis alone.

Peapod Delivery Locations

Peapod itself is an online grocery delivery store, but people are only going to be able to receive deliveries in certain areas. Peapod does not have a presence all over the country. It’s a company that is based in Illinois, and does deliver to many areas within the United States.

Peapod delivers to Rhode Island, and most people within the state shouldn’t have a problem. As part of the Stop & Shop grocery line, Peapod delivers to many cities within Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. The Peapod warehouse is Chicago-based, so they can also deliver to areas within Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

Through the Giant of Carlisle supermarket chain, Peapod delivers to areas within Pennsylvania. Through the Giant of Landover supermarket chain, Peapod delivers to Washington D.C., Maryland, and northern Virginia.

Peapod Delivery Coupons

People have have a hard time affording the Peapod delivery service could always try to secure some Peapod delivery coupons. Many people can expect to save around thirty dollars or more on their Peapod deliveries in many cases. It’s easy to find coupons like these on most major coupon websites, like Groupon and RetailMeNot.


Not everyone is going to be able to afford Peapod and not everyone is going to live in an area where Peapod has a presence of any kind. Peapod primarily services the mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast, with barely any presence in the American South and nothing on the West Coast. Some people might find the prices too high. However, the Peapod delivery coupons can at least help people save money. The legions of positive Peapod reviews indicate that this service is often worth it.

Shop Smarter Not Harder. Grocery Shopping Tip #1

shopping on a budget

We all know the hard truth don’t we? Grocery stores and other shopping establishments only want one thing. Our money. They build these places to trick you into giving them more and more money. If you don’t realize this then allow me to shed some light on the topic. Everything you are hit with on a daily basis is designed for you to spend money. From billboard advertisements to radio everyone is trying to snake charm that hard earned money out of your pocket. So what can you do to combat this? Shop smarter not harder.

Shopping Smarter. Make a List Dummy!

When it comes time for you to do some grocery shopping for your home it is best to make a list of all the things your home needs to get through an allotted amount of time. Depending on your budget this can be from one to two weeks. Making a list stops impulse buying dead in its tracks. If it is not on the list don’t buy it. It is that simple. If you see something in the store that you forgot to add to the list, add it and then cross it out. It all boils down to the amount of discipline you have.

Make a Budget

When you make a budget and a list you are on your way to saving thousands of dollars a year. The budget will allow you to curve the amount you spend at the store. If you know how much you intend on spending for each trip to the store you will command more control of your overall finances. One tip to spend only what you have allotted for your budget is to use only cash. Put the amount into an envelope and label it groceries. This way you will not be able to spend over your budget as the amount of money you have wont allow it.